class 16 illustrations & zines

feminist zine

Overview:  Review the class 9 illustrations with an eye towards using them to create zines that could accompany group dialogues to discuss the YDEI issues raised by your illustrations.

  1.  Review class 9 illustrations

2.  Framing Illustration issues for dialogue.  Approach your class 9 illustration as a text to introduce the issues posed by the illustration to a dialogue group of generational cohorts:  youth adult peers, middle, and high school students.

  • To frame the dialogue, what are the issues raised?   Consider principles of democracy in this framing.  List 3-5 on your rolling Google doc.

3.  Read two “news” stories related to your illustration theme. 

To flesh out your illustration issues, find and read two “news” stories on your illustration topic:  one from corporate legacy media, e.g. New York Times, and one from your social media streams.  These should be of some quality and substance.  Write no more than a paragraph applying the media literacy questions to these stories.   Include article title, author, date, and URL.   After doing this, it may impact the 3-5 illustration framing  issues you’ve listed for #2.

Post these notes on your rolling Google doc.      

4.  Read these (3) zines.  Write brief notes on how they strike you, how they compare.  No more than a paragraph.  Post on your rolling Google doc.