class 15  houseless, segregated

From different angles, the following videos address the housing crisis in the U.S.:  the crisis of “houselessness” and the longer-term, systemic roots of racial segregation.

Reading notes ask you to respond to the videos with your thoughts and considerations of how they relate to your lived experience and the entertainment industries.

1.  Los Angeles Sweeps Homeless Encampments Ahead Of Super Bowl.  NBC News Feb 10, 2022  [4.30]


4.  Mark Lopez, Richard Rothstein, YouTooCanWoo  SEGREGATED BY DESIGN. April 14, 2019. [18.00]

Reading questions – reading response notes required.  Post on rolling Google doc.  Include date and assignment title.  Single-spaced.  Send link to instructor.  

  1. For the videos on houselessness (1-3), what are some takeaways?  Thoughts and feelings?  Understandings of root causes?
  2. For Segregated by Design, (4), what are some takeaways?  Thoughts and feelings?
  3. In regards to houselessness and housing segregation, in what ways, if any, do they resonate with your lived experience?  Particular impacts on youth?
  4. In these situations of systemic housing deprivation, what’s the role of the entertainment industries?