class 14 Earth question 1

Op-ed video: Greta Thunberg Has Given Up on Politicians.. New York Times, October 27, 2021. Greta 

For reading question #1 from class 13 assignment, if you haven’t incorporated meaningful discussion of most of the readings, including #9, Sleepwalking to Extinction, go back, reread/view and rewrite your responses to reflect the range of perspectives offered.

In your discussion, do your best to apply media literacy questions:  “who tells the story” in terms of point-of-view/ideology, and whether the “story not told” addresses root causes and root solutions.  

For article #9, Sleepwalking to Extinction, include specifics regarding the author’s perspective on: 

  • the meaning of and concerns about 400ppm
  • the critique of global corporate practices
  • the “radical change” of “energy contraction”
  • the kinds “eco-socialist” institutional changes envisioned

Your response should be on your Google doc post for class 13.  When completed, send link.   Single-spaced & typed in Times New Roman or Arial (size 12 font), 1-inch margins.  Insert horizontal line between assignments.  Remember to proofread.

Lydia Jankowski, Fall ’21