class 14 complete research methods, print photo

For those who haven’t yet done so, complete class 13 assignment.  

For the second part of the class 13 assignment take a photo that somehow speaks to some takeaway about which you wrote print out a copy of the photo and bring to class.

  • As outlined in the assignment guidelines, the photo should represent some meaning from the research you describe, e.g. a research paper on youth uses of social media could be a photo you take of youth using social media;  it could be a self-portrait, a shot of others, what else?

  • Don’t use Google images or other generic online sources.  You take the photo.

  • Print out in black & white or color.

  • On 8 x 11 paper.

  • In formatting the photo, try to make it fill as much of the page as possible.

  • Bring to class.