class 14 blackout poetry II

Continue practicing the technique of blackout poetry by working with your class 7 response notes on the Carnivalesque.  

Create two renderings that work with your written text to highly certain meanings.  

Consider the option of including color and illustration.


  1. Print out at least three copies of the original class 7 carnivalesque reading response notes.
  • If they were hand-written, work with photocopies or/and create a digital typed document.
  • One copy will be to mark out selections.  The (2) others will be the actual blackout poetry renderings.
  • On one of the copies, select varied words and sequences that express meanings you want to play with.
  • Review these guidelines that suggest writing out your text selections on a separate sheet and then consider how they might connect and flow to create poetic meaning.
  • On your response notes, use some means of marking these selections: circle, underline, draw a frame around it.
  • NOTE: As you shape this artistic rendering, your selection(s) may be change.
  1. Use blackout poetry techniques to highlight select words and sequences.
  • To learn the technique, create two separate renderings, each highlighting different meanings.
  • Review our class FB group Blackout Poetry 1 album to survey varied ways in which your classmates interpreted the first assignment.  Consider what worked, what you appreciate, and what might work better.
  • From text selections made in step 1, mark these out on a copy of the response notes.
  • With a marker, blackout the area surrounding the text you selected.
  • You might experiment with blackout color using markers, crayons, paint, what else?
  • Optional: create some way of illustrating the meanings you’re constructing.  It can be as simple as lines, doodles, and stick figures, or more specific representations.
  • See these examples of the use of color and illustration.
  • Once you’ve finished the first, evaluate its effectiveness:  what works, could work better.
  • Working with different text selections to highlight other meanings, do a second rendering.
  • Bring both documents to class to share.
  • Do a scan or use a smart phone to create a quality digital copy of each document to post to the class Facebook group album: Blackout Poetry 2.