class 13 tweak flyers

Grace Schultz, class 12, 5.2.22

    1. Review Google slide document of all Adbuster-styled flyers produced for class 12.     
      • View all the slides to see what your cohorts have done.
      • Assess what works and could work better.  Consider such factors as
        • Balance of visual and textual dimensions
        • Is written text of a legible size?
        • Is the meaning understandable for those who don’t know specific show/genre/issue details?
    2. Regarding the last bullet point, is meaning understandable for those without specific details, if not, please write a paragraph or a few that offer that such context. 
      • Written text might appear on, or outside the flyer in the surrounding frame, or even on a separate slide.  Use your intuition.      
    3. Print out (2) copies of each flyer.  The intent is to post them as part of the installation. In class we discussed the challenges of printing these out on 8×11 paper.   If it’s not too burdensome, make (2) printouts of your flyers; in color or black and white.  However, if it’s too much of a stretch, no worries. 

      Shermarie Hyppolite, Class 12, 5.2.22