class 12 revise & read cohort annoations

Barbara Kruger, produced for 1989 pro-choice march in Washington, D.C.

  1. Revise your annotations (done for class 11) for a strong first sentence that states the main idea without saying: “This article describes…”  Rather, “Toxic positivity is…”
  2. Read through the annotations and end notes of two of your topic group members. This means you have to set up a shared Google doc to post your annotations for group cohorts to read.  Comment on:
    1. particular meanings (2-3) in annotations that seem important
    2. how media literacy questions and power structure/oppression matrix levels of apply
    3. idea for illustration you’ll do for next week:  from what you’ve read, select an issue/problem/pattern to illustrate; write out a sentence description

On the shared Google doc created by your topic group, post your comments underneath the person’s annotations you’re reviewing.  Include your name and insert horizontal line above/below.

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