class 11:  spectacle & feminism  

For this assignment, you’ll need to enroll in the New York Times , free for all UMass students.  

Reading questions; post to rolling Google doc with date, assignment title; send link.

  1.  As a group, what is the story these readings tell?  What are some common themes and concerns?  In your discussion, work to include some takeaway(s) from each of the (4) readings/video.
  2. In relation to what’s conveyed in these reads, what are your thoughts and feelings?  This could include a discussion of how it resonates with your lived experience.  


1.  Society of the Spectacle: Influencers & Guy Debord. Video by  PlasticPills  July 15, 2019

2.  Jess Butler.  Angela McRobbie.  Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change.  International Journal of Communication 3 (2009) 

3.  Read all (6) posts on Women’s Oppression: @fightagainstwomensoppression. These were done as part of the final project for Comm39ss, Fall 2020.

4.  Samantha Hunt.  What Is a Teenage Girl?  The New York Times, January 22, 2021.

Barbara Kruger, produced for 1989 pro-choice march in Washington, D.C.