class 10 post illustration &

  1. Read through the design elements reading (“20 elements”)Read through AND KNOW the rationale for 01. Line; 09. Balance; 11. Contrast; 15. Direction; and 20. Composition.
  2. Post your class 9 illustration to the class Facebook (FB) group.  

If you don’t have a FB account, for this class, create an alias account.  Do so by opening up a new Google account to get a different Gmail.  Use this to set up your alias FB account.  Give it whatever name you want;  make sure to inform instructor of your alias so your contributions will be known.    

  1. View each posted class 9 illustration to see in what ways, if any, principles of design are displayed, intentionally or not.  Select one to share in class.
  2. In viewing each illustration, approach it as a mapping of issues for the class to follow-up.  Create a list of groups based on issues named, e.g. (mis) repping POGM (people of the global majority).  In what group is your illustration topic?  Post list on your Google doc.
  3. Search online for an image (meme, advert, website, Instagram post, what else?) that speaks to the issue named in your illustration.  It can be a critical representation that resonates with the meanings you inscribe.  Or an image that constructs a dominant visual narrative you critique, e.g. an advertisement.  WHAT’S IMPORTANT is to find an image that is particularly compelling in its visual design.  Analyze what design elements are at play.  Post the image on your Google doc with a few sentences that describe the visual design, of how it “works.”