class 10 continue image-text collection

The following assignment guide follows what we’ve done for classes 8 and 9:  reflecting on what you’ve done thus far, finding additional images to amplify your inquiry, doing some online research to add context, writing brief notes to accompany your new images, and printing them out to bring to class.  

I hope it’s not too onerous.  We’ll take time for you to input on these steps:  what’s working, could work better.    

We’ll do another wall posting in class.  Bring whatever additional materials (string, yarn, what else?) to create connections and visual interest.  

Also, print out images for class 9 to add to our image collection.

  1. Read:  What is Political Economy? Media Studies 101, A Creative Commons Textbook.  December 8, 2013.
  2.   Review and assess the series of images and written text you collected for class 8 and class 9.  This includes 4.13.22 photos of the installation on shared drive Google folder . Then consider these prompts:
  • What issues and meanings are you wanting to follow-up?  
  • What are political economy questions related to your focus?  
  • How does what you’re doing relate to your group members?

Write out your response to the above prompts and list directions for follow-up.  Post to your rolling Google doc.

  1.   Do follow-up image-collection.
  • Find several images that add meaning to questions and concerns you’re investigating.  There is no set number of images; it’s up to you to assess whether you’ve found what you need to add meaning and depth to your inquiry.  It could be 2 or 4 or more.  
  • Do your best to find at least one substantive image related to the political economy of your topic:  ownership, control, profits, DI implications.  
  • Write some notes on what you think these images mean, how they connect (or not) to other images you’ve found, what they say about diversity and inclusion in the Hollywood apparatus.  Post to your rolling Google doc.
  1. Do some research to offer context and information on some (2-3) of the above image selections.  These could be from:  
  • Legacy media:  New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, Wall Street Journal, etc.
  • Trade and business media:  Variety, Hollywood Reporter, what else? 
  • General search
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) particularly TikTok.

From these, select four quality sources:  two from social media and two from legacy and/or trade/business media.  Briefly summarize and include some important data; include URLs.

  1. From your above image selections and research, write brief critique/analysis notes to post alongside images.
  • First write these on your rolling Google doc.
  • To post on the wall, could be a sentence or so.
  • Print or write them out.   
  • Could be 3×5 note cards, notebook paper, yellow pad, repurposed/recycled paper, cut to a size that will allow readers to take in the meaning.  
  1. Print out your image selections.  
  • It would be good if they take up substantial space on 8×11 sheet. 
  • Print out images collected for class 9 as well.
  • Color or black and white, possibly both;  whatever you think works best.
  • Bring to class and upload to your Google doc.

When above steps are completed, send link to instructor.  Include assignment date and title at top.