bystander race & gender

The following readings/videos describe specific mechanisms by which race and gender oppression are enforced on institutional, cultural, and individual-personal levels.  They provide some context for a conversation we’ll have about how these play out in our daily lives, the meaning of being a bystander, and strategies for change.  (4.13.19)

  1. Prisoners of the War on Drugs – The Real Cost of Prisons Project, 2005.
  1. Nixon aide says “War on Drugs” targeted blacks- so now what? The Grio, Apr 4, 2016.


4.  Video:  The Bystander Moment: Transforming Rape Culture at Its Roots. Media Education Foundation, 2018. (50 minutes).

  • Go to Kanopy streaming site which will ask you to login with your UMass OIT account.
  • Then search for The Bystander Movement.

Reading questionswritten responses required

  1. For reading/video on War on Drugs (#1-2), in few sentences, summarize the general story they tell?  What are some important issues and information?  What are your thoughts and experiences?
  2. For reading/video on rape culture and the bystander movement, what are some important issues?  What are your thoughts and experiences?

THOUGHT QUESTION WE’LL DISCUSS IN CLASS (no written response) What, if any, are the intersections between race & gender oppression and toxic masculinity?

Written assignments are single-spaced & typed in Times New Roman or Arial (size 12 font), 1-inch margins all around. Remember to proofread. Include a heading (single-spaced) that includes name, date, assignment title.  Turn in as a paper document.