blog post guidelines

From annotated bibliography research, write a post that presents important themes, information, and context on your topic.

  • Start with a strong opening sentence.
  • Reflect on what you’ve found, questions raised, and follow-up directions.
  • Use a writing voice that feels comfortable; not purely academic.
  • Write at least 5 paragraphs. These should be dense, to-the-point, well-edited, with no fluff.
  • Sign your post.
  •  Post should include at least 4 seamlessly integrated hypertext links.  This means the link text should NOT DIRECTLY REFER TO THE ONLINE SOURCE.  Rather summarize the source ideas/information you want to convey.  Thus instead of “A recent New York Times story reported that that the beer industry monopoly…”, write “The monopoly concentration of the beer industry impacts not only the price of beer, but also trends pushing the widening economic divide.
  • Embedded media:  each post will have at least 1-2 images and a video.   Try to find specific contextual images, e.g. a flash mob event in NYC, rather than generic Google images.
  • Design:  be conscious of layout aesthetics, particularly creating a sense of balance among the different visual elements.  Consider how the screen is a compositional frame with varied options for image, text, and video placement, the arrangement of which creates some form of symmetrical or asymmetrical balance.

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