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Democracy through Film

Aakanksha Gupta

Youth and News Media

Facebook News Feed, Why We See What We Do – Michaela Good
Snapchat – Ryan Breslow
Millennial News Consumption – Makayla Townsend
Media Ethics – Brian Eckelkamp

Alcohol and Democracy

Rebecca Wiesman – Advertising
Emily White – Different markets/Stereotyping in consumers
Megan Thibodeau – Service Components
Jacqui O’Brien – Players and Issues/Concerns

Big Pharma

Pricing & Patents on drugs – Rachel Carey
Prescription Drug Commercials and their effects on Americans – Jody Walls

Music Mania

Liam O – drugs in popular music
Kennedy Blake- Ticket sales
Tyler O’Day – Streaming
Nicole Dodes – Award Shows
Michelle Oakland – Misogyny in Rap Music
Alexis Pascal – Politics in Music
Kenneth Saravia – Artist’s Royalties

Sports Superstars

Mary Brady- College athletics/paying D1 athletes
Paige Johnson- College athletics
Will Walker- College athletics
Luke Ferris- Sportswear brands (specifically NBA)
Zander Manning- Ticket sales

Porn Prose

Monopolistic ownership – Jake
Effects of the industry on youth – Zak
Pornstar representations – Rob