class 22 coops


  1. Farhad Manjoo.   A Plan in Case Robots Take the Jobs: Give Everyone a Paycheck. New York Times, March 2, 2016.
  1. Gar Alperovitz. Socialism in America is Closer Than You Think. The Nation, February 11, 2016. Retrieved from Solidarity Economy.Net
  2. Shaila Dewan. Who needs a boss? New York Times magazine. March 25, 2014.
  1. History of Cooperative Movement profiling 1844 Rochdale Cooperative   [youtube][youtube]
  1. Cabot Cheese. Cabot honors the Rochdale Cooperative Principles. Retrieved from
  1. Cabot Cheese. About Us. Retrieved from
  1. Mondragon: A Better Way to Go to Work? The Oklahoma City Catholic Worker.[/youtube]

Reading questions

  1. Outline (5) different elements of what Alperovitz (reading #2) characterizes as an emergent, decentralized form of homegrown American “socialism.”
  2. From readings #5 and #7 to create a list of 5 principles that guide cooperative economics.  Use you own words; do not copy and paste.
  3. What are your responses to these readings? About the possibility of creating a social order guided by more democratic forms of organization?

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