labor pov

A labor point-of-view favoring working people goes against hegemony:  how the owning class projects it’s worldview to become “commonsense.”

The fundamental bias of what gets labeled “the news” endorses and reinforces a capitalist worldview, favoring the interests of the upper-income classes, and the so-called “free market” from which they profit, own, and control.

Signified by the scarce utterance of the word “capitalism,” this unquestioned commonsense is completely normalized as the way it is:  “always has been, will be.”  

The victory of this cognitive battle is seen in the demonization of terms and concepts that favor the interests of everyday working people to ensure the provision of basic human needs:  food, housing, healthcare, education, transportation, culture, community.

Such demonized terms include:  big government, welfare, food stamps, public assistance, the public good, public teachers, public workers, trade unions, socialism, communism, share the wealth.

The absence of  “news” and a wider public discourse critical of capitalism and sympathetic to the needs of everyday people robs the public of cognitive resources – language, history, concepts – that suggest the benefits of and possibilities for building grassroots movements for resistance based on a vision of a transformed, positive* future that seeks to safeguard the common good, the collective interests of all.

* vs. dystopian: “it’s easier for Americans to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”

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