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This website is being maintained by the Cognitive Science Initiative. If you have suggested content, or any other questions or comments, contact the co-directors at Please also use that address, rather than the cogsci list (see below), to make suggestions about the initiative; the director will pass these along to the steering committee or mailing lists as appropriate. Contact information for the individual members of the steering committee, and for all other members of the Cognitive Science Initiative, can be found on our People pages.

To be listed on our People pages, or to update your entry, please fill out a short form, and also e-mail to let us know there is new info to put on our pages:

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We have a graduate student e-mail list, and a general e-mail list (that includes the grad students) for sharing CogSci-related information. To join, please contact Shota Momma (

Our weekly newsletter goes to all members of the above lists, plus administrators and others who would like to get only the newsletter. To subscribe only to the weekly newsletter, or to manage your subscription, you can also contact Shota Momma at the above address.

If you have news you would like to go to the cogsci lists, please send it to Please avoid posting directly to the faculty cogsci list so that we maintain a manageable volume of e-mails to the list, and so your news goes to those not on cogsci list who do get the newsletter.