3rd annual UMass CogSci Workshop Feb. 3, 2017

The 3rd annual UMass Cognitive Science Workshop will take place from 2:30 – 5 on Friday Feb. 3rd, 2017 in ILC N400. Talks by Rosie Cowell, Meghan Armstrong-Abrami, and Florence Sullivan will be followed by a poster session and reception. This is a chance not only to hear about exciting new research, but also to meet fellow cognitive scientists from across the campus, and discuss the further growth of CogSci at UMass.


2:30 Rosie Cowell, Cognitive Division, Psychological and Brain Sciences

3:00 Meghan Armstrong-Abrami, Hispanic Linguistics, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

3:30 Florence Sullivan, Education.


Mothers' use of F0 after the first year of life in American English and Peninsular SpanishAlba Arias, Eduardo Garc’a, Isaac McAlister, Covadonga S‡nchez & Meghan ArmstrongSpanish and Portuguese, LLC
The acquisition of recursive locative prepositional phrases and relative clauses in child EnglishRoeper T., Sevcenco, A., & Pearson, B. Z.Linguistics
Syntactic and prosodic marking of focus in American English and Peninsular SpanishCovadonga S‡nchez-AlvaradoSpanish and Portuguese, LLC
Learning to Identify Speakers from Kinematic InformationAlexandra Jesse and Michael BartoliPsychological and Brain Sciences
Attention Modulates Cross-Modal Retuning of Phonetic Categories to SpeakersDavid Kajander, Elina Kaplan and Alexandra JessePsychological and Brain Sciences
Localized representations contain distributed information: insight from simulations of deep convolutional neural networksNicholas Blauch, Elissa Aminoff and Michael TarrBDIC (NB), Psychology (Fordham University; EA), Psychology (Carnegie Mellon University; MT), Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (NB, EA, MT)
Linguistic Pressure and Dialect Change: Dominicans in MadridFiona DixonSpanish and Portuguese, LLC
A visualiation technique for Bayesian reasoningCara Bosco, Andrew Cohen, Jake Nadler, Jeff StarnsPsychological and Brain Sciences
Ambiguity Resolution in Relative Clauses: Prosodic vs. Contextual Information in L2 SpanishEduardo Garc’a-Fern‡ndezSpanish and Portuguese, LLC