2nd Annual UMass CogSci Workshop

The 2nd Annual UMass CogSci Workshop was held Fri. January 29th, 2016 with about 50 graduate students and faculty in attendance, filling room N400 of the Integrative Learning Center. We were treated to a diverse and highly interesting set of talks and posters, listed below. Thanks to all who participated!

Talks (links to videos of slides and recorded audio).

2:30 Gaja Jarosz, Linguistics, “Nature vs. Nurture in Phonological Acquisition: Sonority Sequencing in Polish

3:00 Brendan O’Connor, Computer Science “Linguistic discovery in social media corpora: natural language processing meets sociolinguistics

3:30 Christopher White, Music “What are words and parts of speech in music?

Poster session

Alba Arias, Eduardo García, Isaac McAlister, Covadonga Sánchez & Meghan Armstrong. Mothers’ use of F0 after the first year of life in American English and Peninsular Spanish. 

Coral Hughto, Robert Staubs, Jennifer Culbertson and Joe Pater. Grammar and learning in syntactic and phonological typology.

Alexandra Jesse & Sarah Laakso. Sentence context can guide the retuning of phonetic categories to speakers.

Roeper T., Sevcenco, A., & Pearson, B. Z. The acquisition of recursive locative prepositional phrases and relative clauses in child English.

Amanda Rysling, John Kingston, Adrian Staub, Andrew Cohen, Jeffrey Starns. Early Ganong Effects.