Lacreuse in cognitive bag lunch Weds. 10/31 at noon

The next brown bag speaker, on 10/31 at 12:00 in Tobin 521B, is UMass’ own Agnès Lacreuse (

Sex, hormones and cognitive aging in primates

Emerging clinical data suggest that men experience greater age-related decline that women, but little is known about the factors that drive these sex differences. Nonhuman primate models of human aging can help us answer some of these questions. I will describe several studies in nonhuman primates focusing on the effects of biological sex and sex hormones on neurocognitive aging. These studies are essential for the design of optimal therapies to alleviate age-related cognitive decline in humans. I will also argue that aging research across primate species has the potential to provide new cues for understanding healthy and pathological aging in humans.