Computational Linguistics Community Meeting Schedule Announced

We’re excited to announce the tentative schedule for the Computational Linguistics Community (CLC; pronounced ‘click’) meetings for this semester. Please note that the meetings will rotate around existing lab and reading group slots so note the day and time changes. Updates about this schedule and the events will be announced in this blog / newsletter. Please contact Gaja Jarosz for further information.

M Feb 6 (11am; Grant Group ILC N451) – Brandon Prickett
W Feb 15 (1pm; NLP Group CS 303) – Discussion of Bender paper on Typology
F Feb 24 (9:15am; Experimental Lab ILC N400) – Amanda Doucette
M Feb 27 (11am; Grant Group ILC N451) – Discussion/Reading preparation for Morgan
F March 3 (10am; Psycholinguistics ILC N400) – Emily Morgan
F March 24 (10am; Psycholinguistics ILC N400) – Psycholing/CL relationship
M April 3 (11am; Grant Group ILC N451) – Gaja Jarosz & Joe Pater
W April 12 (1pm; NLP Group CS 303) – TBA
F April 28 (11:15am; Sound Workshop ILC N400) – Su Lin Blodgett