Invitation to seminars for the developmental science faculty candidates

The job talks in the developmental division of Psychological and Brain Sciences begin this Thursday January 26th. They are all listed below, and may well be of interest to members of the Cognitive Science community. All are welcome to the talks, and those who wish to meet with a candidate should contact Kirby Deater-Deckard, the search committee chair.

Thurs 26 Jan 1:00-2:00pm Tobin 423
Dr. Leah Doane “Examining the Interplay of Socio-Contextual Experiences and Biology: Examples from Physiological Stress Systems and Sleep”

Mon 30 Jan 12:15-1:15 Tobin 423
Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey “No Fair! Children’s Social Judgments in Intergroup Contexts”

Thurs 2 Feb 1:00-2:00 Tobin 423
Dr. Sumarga Umay Suanda “Acquiring a Lexicon in a Social World: The Input and the Mechanisms of Learning”

Mon 6 Feb 12:15-1:15 Tobin 521b
Dr. Nadia Chernyak “Socio-Cognitive Mechanisms of Prosocial Behavior”

Thurs 9 Feb 1:00-2:00 Tobin 423
Dr. Tara Mandalaywala “It’s Not So Black and White: Racial Cognition across Development”

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