June 13-15th: Computational Neuroscience and Vision Systems

Sorry I didn’t get this out until it already started! (Joe Pater)

E-mail from Hava Siegelmann of June 7th:

Attached is an agenda for a Computational Neuroscience meeting to occur next week at UMass Hotel. We are lucky to have some top researchers join and give talk. If you find these of interest you are welcome to join us to selected talks.




Computational Neuroscience and Vision Systems 

June 13-15, 2016 – Amherst, MA

Location: Hotel UMass, University of Massachusetts, 1 Campus Center Way

Amherst, MA 01003,   www.hotelumass.com

Monday, June 13, 2016

0800 0820 Thomas McKenna, ONR 341  – Welcome & Overview

Computational Neuroscience

0820 0850 Richard Granger, Dartmouth

Integrative Vision and Navigation on Photorealistic Environments & New: Mobile Robot Onboard Accelerated Computation

0850 0920 Jose Principe, University of Florida

Design, Implementation and Test of a Cognitive Computational Architecture for Perception

0920 0950 Xiao-Jing Wang, NYU, presented by Francis Song

Large-scale brain dynamics on multiple timescale and neural mechanism of attention switching

0950 1000 Break

1000 1030 Ila Fiete, University of Texas – Austin

YIP: The Interplay of Dynamics and Information Processing in Neural Computation

1030 1100 Danielle Basset, University of Pennsylvania

YIP: Cognitive Computations: A Network Perspective

1100 1030 Terry Sejnowski, Monika Jadi, presented by Lyle Muller, University

California San Diego

Phase Coupling of Brain Oscillations with Synaptic Coupling

1130 1210 Maksim Bazhenov, University California Riverside, Eric Halgren,

University California – San Diego

MURI: Memory Consolidation During Sleep in Humans, Rodents and Computational Models

1210 1310 Lunch

1310 1340 Duygu Kuzum, University of California – San Diego

NEW YIP: From Neurons to Microcircuits of Hippocampus: A Computational Model Based on Experimental Findings

1340 1420 Michael Hasselmo, Boston University, presented by Nick Roy &

John Leonard, MIT

MURI: Bio-inspired Navigation for Autonomous Systems based on Models of Hippocampal Place Cells and Entorhinal Grid Cells

1420 1450  Arash Yazdanbahksh, Boston University, Ennio Mingolla,

Northeastern University

BRC: Biologically-Inspired Flow Field Computation for Sensing and Control of Ground Vehicles

1450 1500 Break

1500 1530 Daniel Lee, University of Pennsylvania presented by Alan Stocker

Perception for Humanoid firefighter SAFFiR & 

BRC: Neural and psychophysics optical motion models for UGV perception and navigation


1530 1600 Brett Fajen, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Optic Flow Based Navigation in Complex and Dynamic Environments

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

0820 0830 Welcome, Thomas McKenna, ONR & James Allen, Computer\

Science Dept., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Computational Neuroscience (Cont.)

0830 0900 Ted Berger, University Southern California

Role of Network Architecture in Determining Neural System Dynamics

0900 0930 Tim Buschman, Princeton University

Identifying the Neural Mechanisms allowing Compression (Chunking) of Working Memory Contents

0930 1000 Laura Colgin, University of Texas – Austin

YIP: Do Separate Slow and Fast Variants of Gamma Oscillations Differentially Affect Neural Computation?

1000 1010 Break

1010 1050 Reza Shadmehr, Johns Hopkins University, Jose Carmena,

University of California – Berkeley

Meta-Learning in Humans, Monkeys and Robots

1050 1120 Hava Siegelmann, University of Massachusetts

From Neuroscience to Computer Science

1120 1150 Marc Sommer, Duke University (Marc Steinberg PO)

SoA: Biophysical Modeling of Satisficing Control Strategies as Derived from Quantification of Primate Brain Activity and Psychophysics

1150 1250 Lunch

1250 1310 Michael Hasselmo, Boston University, presented by Earl Miller,


NEW MURI: Neural Circuits Underlying Symbolic Processing in Primate Cortex and Basal Ganglia

Vision & Intelligent Video

1310 1340 Eugenio Culurciello, Purdue

PECASE: A Trillion Operations-Per-Second Vision System For DOD Applications

1310 1340 Mike Zwolinski, Raghu Menon, Remote Reality Corp.

100 Megapixel Real-Time Panoramic Periscope Camera System

1410 1440 Michael Qin, NSMRL

Next Generation Imaging for Submarines

1440 1450 Break

1450 1520 Don Madden, ObjectVideo

SmartGate Video Analytics

1520 1550 Discussion – possible new MURI topics, new DARPA 


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Invited Presentations

0820 0830 Welcome

0830 0930 Henry Markram, Blue Brain Project & Brain Mind Institute, EPFL,


Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry

0930 1010 Ed Boyden, MIT

Tools for Ground-Truth Analysis and Control of Neural Circuits

1010 1020 Break

1020 1100 Surya Ganguli, Stanford University

Dynamics of Recurrent Neural Networks

1100 1140 Michael Levin, Tufts

Bioelectric communication among non-neural cells: exploiting somatic computation for pattern control in regenerative medicine

1140 1240 Lunch

1240 1320 ShiNung Ching, Washington University – St. Louis

Control in Cortical Circuits

1320 1340 Ronen Basri, Univ. Massachusetts – Amherst

How can short term memory support stable visual percept?

1340 1420 Aude Oliva, MIT

Mapping the spatio-temporal dynamics of perception and cognition in the human brain

1420 1430 Break

1430 1500 Panel Discussion with visitors on future directions in 

computational neuroscience

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