CogSci Reading Group, Thurs. 11/19 at 12:45

In a little over a week on Thursday Nov. 19th at 12:45, we will have a discussion of the paper below, linked here, over lunch. We’ll meet in Linguistics, outside of ILC N400, and head over to the Worcester Dining Common. A lunch ticket will be provided for all participants. If you wish to participate, please fill in your name and department in the google form linked here before 9 am 11/19 (we’ll get tickets that morning). This will likely be the first of a series of these meetings, which we’ve initiated based on an idea that came out of a graduate student meeting. Assuming that there is interest, next semester we will poll more broadly to find a time. Please contact Joe Pater for more information.

Wouter Boekel, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Luam Belay, Josine Verhagen, Scott Brown and Birte U. Forstmann. 2015. A purely confirmatory replication study of structural brain-behavior correlations. Cortex.