Current Projects

Estimating hydrologically consistent SWOT discharge data across river networks

  • Funder: NASA Terrestrial Hydrology Program/SWOT Project. Konstantinos Andreadis, UMass (PI), Colin J Gleason (Umass), Jay Taneja (UMass). Collaborators Michael Durand (OSU), Tamlin Pavelsky (UNC)

This one year project prepares the software architecture for a global SWOT discharge product.

Global Mapping of River Discharge.

  • Funder: NASA New Investigator Program. Colin J Gleason (PI).

This three year project will take recent advances in remote sensing of river discharge and apply them to make a new global reanalysis discharge product for all rivers on earth, 2984-present.

Watershed Rules of Life

  • Funder: NSF RAISE Program. Peter Raymond (PI), Yale, Byron Crump, Oregon State, Colin J Gleason, UMass.

This three year project funds us to investigate how microbial communities process and transform nutrients and elements within a watershed context: how does fluvial gemorphology impact microbial communities across large watersheds?

“Make our planet great again”: US-French collaboration to improve river discharge estimation accuracy, robustness, and efficiency

  • Funder: French Embassy of the United States and Thomas Jefferson Fund. Colin J Gleason and Hind Oubanas (PIs)

This two year award funds a Franco-American exchange of ideas regarding SWOT, the water cycle, and the planet.

CAREER: Integrating field geomorphology, remote sensing, undergraduate education, and modelling to improve understanding of Arctic hydrology.

  • Funder: NSF CAREER via the Arctic Natural Sciences Program, Colin J Gleason (PI)

This recently awarded five-year project seeks to develop a comprehensive re-evaluation of Arctic hydrology, founded on remotely sensed observations, models, and fieldwork. An exciting element is an Arctic research class that will bring UMass undergraduate students to the Arctic for three years of  research and learning.

Development and comprehensive validation of SWOT river discharge algorithms from AirSWOT, simulator, and field measurements

  • Funder: NASA Surface Water and Ocean Topography Science Team Grant, Michael T Durand (PI), OSU, Colin J Gleason, UMass, Dave Bjerklie, USGS

This four year project funds Colin J Gleason as a member of the NASA SWOT science team. This project will see Dr. Gleason travel to Arctic and Subarctic Canada each year to prepare for calibration and validation of the SWOT satellite upon launch in 2020, and field data collection is designed to be immediately useful in development of discharge algorithms.

U.S.-Canada collaboration to build SWOT calibration/validation and science capacity for northern hydrology

  • Funder: NASA Surface Water and Ocean Topography Science Team Grant, Laurence C Smith (PI), UCLA; Al Pietroniro, ECCC, Colin J Gleason, UMass

This four year project also funds Colin J Gleason as a member of the NASA SWOT science team. This project will see Dr. Gleason develop new discharge algorithms designed for use with SWOT and SWOT-like data, and also funds Dr. Gleason to develop the AMHG discharge estimation algorithm further. This project will make use of the field data collected in the first listed project, and great synergy will exist available between this and the proposed project.

Water Quality in DCR Reservoirs: 2018-2020

  • Funder: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, John Tobiason (PI),  Colin J Gleason, Emily Kumpel, UMass

his two year project will assess inputs (flow, constituent loads) from Wachusett and Quabbin watersheds to their respective reservoirs, and will develop hydrodynamic and water quality models for Wachusett Reservoir for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). This project is an exciting opportunity to use Fluvial@UMASS’ terrestrial scanning laser to map watershed inputs and assess ungauged inputs to the reservoirs.

Dr. Gleason gives a thumbs up to our funders from atop the Greenland Ice Sheet