• Best paper award: Modeling and simulation track, IISE 2021, Singh, S., France, A. M., Chen, Y-H, Farnham, P. G., Oster, A. M., Gopalappa, C., Progression and Transmission of HIV(PATH4.0): A new agent-based evolving network simulation for modeling HIV transmission clusters
  • Research award: Undergraduate student Rebecca Castonguay awarded UMass Rising Researcher Award, Spring 2019
  • Best paper finalist: Paper by undergraduate student Matthew Eden selected as finalist for the INFORMS Operations Research best paper competition, INFORMS, Phoenix, AZ, 2018
  • Best paper finalist: Paper by graduate student Nazanin Khatami selected as finalist for the Lee B. Lusted student best paper award, Society for Medical Decision Making, Montreal, Canada, 2018
  • Fellowship: Buyan Munkhbat accepted for Insight fellowship after completion of her MS, June 2019
  • Funding: CDC (PI: Chaitra Gopalappa) Cluster detection and response, August 2020
  • Funding: NSF # 1915481 (PI: Chaitra Gopalappa; co-PI: Peter Haas, Hari Balasubramanian, Dean Robinson, Jag Chhatwal; Collaborators: CDC and WHO) for developing new methods for multi-disease modeling, July 2019 NSF LINK UMASS  CHC
  • Funding: NIH R01AI127236 (PI: Chaitra Gopalappa; Collaborators: CDC) for developing new models for HIV, July 2017 LINK
  • Funding: WHO (PI: Chaitra Gopalappa): Decision-analytic tool for early detection of cancer in low and middle income countries, 2015 -2016 LINK
  • Award: Professor Gopalappa selected as National Academy of Sciences’ Kavli Frontiers of Science fellow for New Directions in Mathematical Epidemiology, 2016


  • Dennish Hofmann accepts NSF NRT trainee fellowship/PhD student position at WPI, to start in Fall 2021
  • Dennis Hofmann start internship, Summer 2021
  • Shifali Bansal defends MS thesis and starts full-time at Amazon, July 2020
  • Nazanin starts internship at FICO -in data analytics using reinforcement learning, Summer 2020
  • Hanisha Tatapudi joins as Research Fellow, UMass Amherst, Spring 2019
  • Shifali Basal accepts an internship position at Super Brush,  Summer 2019
  • Vijeta Deshpande starts a full-time job at Massachusetts General Hospital, 2019
  • Vijeta Deshpande accepts an internship at Avenir Health, Summer 2018 
  • Buyan Munkhbat accepts an internship at Stanford University, Summer 2018