Refereed Papers


Other Publications

  • Sloggett, S., Andrews, C., Dillon, B. (to appear). Agreement is all alike; every illusion is illusory in its own way. In R. Ivan A Festschrift in honor of Peggy Speas.


Conference Presentations

  • Andrews, C. Dillong, B., Staub, A. (2019).¬†Fool me once: Readers Adapt to NP/Z garden paths but not ORCs. Poster at CUNY, Boulder, CO.
  • Andrews, C., Dillon, B., Staub, A. (2018). The construction that the reader never learns: ORCs and adaptation. Poster at AMLaP, Berlin.
  • Andrews, C., Staub, A., Dillon, B. (2017). Syntactic-Adaptation vs Task-Adaptation: The Case of Object Relative Clauses. Poster at AMLaP, Lancaster. [pdf]
  • Dillon, B., Andrews, C., Wagers, M. (2017). A new argument for distinct, co-active parses during language comprehension. Talk at CUNY, MIT. [paper]
  • Andrews, C., Yacovone, A., Sloggett, S., Dillon, B.. (2016). Reflexives: We don’t see the Attraction. Poster at AMLaP, Bilbao.[pdf]
  • Andrews, C., Dillon, B. (2016). Computation of Agreement is Not Predictive Regardless of Word Order. Poster at CUNY, Gainesville.[pdf]
  • King J., Andrews C., Wagers M. (2012). Do reflexives always find a grammatical antecedent for themselves?. Poster at CUNY, 25, New York City.[pdf]
  • Anand P., Andrews C., Wagers, M. (2011). Assessing the Pragmatics of Experiments with Crowdsourcing: The Case of Scalar Implicature. Talk at Crowdsourcing Technologies for Language and Cognition Studies: 2011 LSA Institute, Boulder, CO.
  • Anand P., Andrews C., Wagers M. (2011). Implicature Calculation and the Pragmatics of Experiments. Poster at XPRAG Experimental Pragmatics Conference, Barcelona.