Article I: Our Name
The name of our organization shall be the Cape Verdean Student Alliance.

Article II: Purpose
Section 1: The Cape Verdean Student Alliance is an Organization committed to the preservation of Cape Verdean culture and history, as well as support recruitment efforts of Cape Verdean students to UMASS. Therefore, we are committed to promote cultural, political, and historical programs to maintain a sense of culture identity throughout the 5-college area.

Section 2: Our organization is committed to establishing alliances with other Cape Verdean organizations in an effort to promote strong Cape Verdean unity.

Section 3: We are committed to create and execute programs concerned with the elimination of discrimination in the community at large.

Section 4: This Organization also has a genuine interest and commitment to assisting students of the Alliance in achieving their education and academic goals.
Article III: Membership
Section 1: Membership shall be open to any undergraduate at UMASS and associate membership to graduate students and faculty members. Membership shall be restricted to those who agree with the purpose of the Organization and abide by it’s regulations and also demonstrate a commitment to it’s goals. Section 2: A member shall be defined as those who attend at least 3 meetings, and participate in Cape Verdean Student Alliance functions. Section 3: A voting member shall be defined as those who attend at least 3 meetings each semester, and participate in Cape Verdean Student Alliance functions. Section 4: There shall be no discrimination under any circumstances on the basis of race, nationality, creed, sex, color, national origin, age, or sexual orientation.
Article IV: Executive Committee
Section 1: Executive Committee terms will begin on May 1 and run for a period of one year

Section 2: The Executive Committee shall consist of:
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Treasurer
d. Internal Secretary
e. External Secretary
f. Public Relations
g. Public Relations

Section 3: The President shall call and preside at all meetings. He / She shall be one of the persons authorized to deal with all administrative and financial matters of the Organization. He / She shall have all the duties and responsibilities as stipulated in the by-laws. The President is an ex- officio member of all committees. The President can create ad-hoc committees as the need arises.

Section 4: The Vice / Co-President shall represent the President in case of absences at all activities to the Organization. In the event of the President’s absence and at his / her request, the Vice / CO- President shall call and preside over meetings. He / She shall be responsible for the function of ad-hoc committees.

Section 5: The Treasurer is responsible for the books and all financial records and for administering any of the Organization’s money according to decisions of the Executive Committee.

Section 6: The Internal Secretary shall be responsible for keeping all records of the Organizations, publicizing all meetings and recording the minutes of meetings.

Section 7: The External Secretary shall be responsible for keeping all records of contacts outside the Organization, making and maintaining contacts with outside organizations, and assist in recording minutes of meetings.

Section 8: The two Public Relation officers shall be the primary spokespersons for the Cape Verdean Student Alliance. They shall be responsible for publicizing all events to the 5-College student body, the general public, and to Cape Verdean Communities.

Section 9: No member of the Executive Committee shall be allowed more than 5 unexcused absences or shall be absent for more than 3 consecutive board meetings. Excused absences shall be granted by the executive Committee

Section 10: Executive Committee meetings shall be held at least twice a month. Quorum shall be 75% of the Executive Committee. Special meetings of the Executive Committees shall be held when deemed necessary by the President. Only undergraduate students shall be on the Executive Committee
Article V: Meetings
Section 1: General body meetings should be held at least twice a month or as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. Section 2: At all meetings, except for the officers election, the voting will be by raising of hands or voice.
Article VI: Elections
Section 1: Elections of the officers shall be by secret ballot. Section 2: Election shall be in April of each year. Section 3: 50% plus 1 vote for officers.
Article VII: Laws
Section 1: When necessary, By-laws shall be established by the Organization to provide detailed procedure to carry out or put into practice the provisions of the Constitution. Section 2: By-laws may be approved and / or changed by a voted of 75% of the assembly / membership. Then submit to the Secretary of Registry.
Article VIII: Constitutional Amendments
Section 1: This Constitution may be altered, reformed, replied, or added to by and affirmative vote of not less than 75% of the active membership present in any regular or special meetings. Stated quorum shall be reached in order to approve changes, after the active membership has had time to review a possible change.

Section 2: An amendment to this Constitution shall be forwarded to the Secretary of Registry.