Cape Verdean Student Alliance

University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Cape Verdean Student Alliance welcomes you to our homepage. The goals of the Cape Verdean Student Alliance is to help establish and maintain the principles governing the Cape Verdean student body. The organization works on providing all students, Cape Verdeans and non Cape Verdeans, with the necessary tools to make their college experience exciting as well as beneficial. We are committed to bringing widespread awareness of the Cape Verdean culture to UMASS Amherst and its surrounding communities. The CVSA is focused on developing an environment where all students can come together to learn and socialize. The CVSA also tries to maintain and improve the lines of communication between the students, the university, and the community. the CVSA is one of the oldest Registered Student Organization at UMass Amherst. Since its inception in 1982, the Cape Verdean Student Alliance has continued to grow and expand beyond its UMass Amherst roots to embrace other university campuses.

We have just celebrated our 25th Anniversary, and we are going to keep on going strong.