Women in cognitive science

As I was constructing this site, I noticed that by focusing on “great battles” in cognitive science, I had no women’s names listed in the debates. Therefore, I created this page to remind myself, and others, to make sure to document women’s place in this history. (January 9th, 2016)

I’ve now added the Bates vs. Pinker page, and have a few other ideas on how women will fit into the narrative I’m constructing. For example, Jenny Saffran and Elissa Newport certainly fit the narrative in terms of “statistical learning”. And I can imagine how I can talk about Janet Fodor and Lyn Frazier’s work on grammar in parsing. Suggestions always welcome. (Jan. 11th, 2016)

The sentence processing debates of the 1990’s fit the theme of the book perfectly. I’ve now added a Frazier vs. Tanenhaus page ( Jan. 13th, 2016)


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