Major analytical instrumentation in the Biogeochemistry Laboratory includes:

Gas chromatography (GC) & GC- mass spectrometry (MS):


Gandalf is an Agilent 7890A series GC equipped with two FIDs and two autosamplers for running two samples simultaneously. Great instrument for cranking through lots of samples!







Frankenstein is an HP 6890 GC equipped with an FID, NPD, and 6890 Enhanced FPD Accessory Kit with EPC.







Medusa is an HP 6890 GC coupled to an Agilent 5973 mass selective detector (MSD).







The GERSTEL Preparative Fraction Collector (PFC) coupled to an Agilent 7890A series GC-FID is our newest instrument at UMass Biogeochem. We are in the process of naming this instrument.






GC-Isotope Ratio Monitoring Mass Spectrometry (GC-irMS):


Ida is a Thermo Trace GC Ultra coupled (via combustion or pyrolysis interfaces) to a Thermo DELTA V isotope ratio mass spectrometer for compound-specific δ13C and δD analysis.






High performance liquid chromatrography – mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS):IMG_3155-1

Houdini is an Agilent 1260 series Single Quad ES HPLC/MS with autoinjector, 6120 series MSD, 150 vial tray, binary pump, APCI and ESI sources, Infinity micro degasser, thermostatted column compartment and 2 position/6 port valve. Recently a Fluorescence Detector, a Diode Array Detector and a mass-based Fraction Collector (with an Active Splitter) have been added to the HPLC system.












Additional Laboratory Equipment:

Elemental analyzer: Costech ECS140 CHN/S/O elemental analyzer coupled to a Thermo DeltaV+ isotope ratio mass spectrometer.

• Dionex ASE200 automated solvent extraction system

• Zymark TurboVap

• Virtis Freeze-Dryer

• -15°C, -30°C & -80°C freezers

• Parker Balston Zero Air and Hydrogen generators for the GC-FIDs.

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