Summer Salad Pie

It all started when the Summer Salad Pie recipe made its rounds on social media a while ago… See recipe #1 here:

At our annual lab holiday party where joke gifts are exchanged, one of the “gifts” contained all of the necessary ingredients to make Summer Salad Pie along with a copy of the recipe. It contained lemon jello, tuna salad, olives, tomato sauce, onion and Tabasco sauce, among other ingredients. PhD student Dan Miller was the recipient of this wonderful gift. Today at our end of the semester lab picnic, Dan showed off his cooking skills & brought in a freshly baked summer salad pie. Its taste was described as “an explosion of flavors, and not in a good way”.


Summer Salad Pie – a biogeochemistry experiment gone wrong? Lemon jello, tuna salad, olives, tomato sauce, a cheese crust… what could be more delicious?


Summer salad pie pictured here without the tuna salad topping (note the abundance of olives floating in the tomato sauce and lemon jello mixture). As the summer salad pie sat out in the sun, the lemon jello began to melt making it look even more appetizing…