UMass Biogeochem folks in Antarctica sailing aboard IODP Expedition #374!

UMass Biogeochem team members Dr. Molly Patterson and Benjamin Keisling are currently in Antarctica sailing on IODP Expedition 374 aboard the JOIDES Resolution along with UMass Geosciences Professor Mark Leckie. Molly is a former UMass Biogeochem Lab postdoc and is now faculty at Binghamton University. Benjamin is a UMass Geosciences PhD student who completed his master’s degree in the UMass Biogeochem Lab and is now focusing on ice sheet modelling but continues to conduct organic geochemistry research as well. Learn more about the exciting research on Expedition 374 here:

NE GSA 2016 session on Organic Geochemistry

Going to NE GSA 2016? Please consider submitting an abstract to session T22: Organic Geochemistry in the Geosciences. We particularly welcome abstracts from students and postdocs!

Description: Organic geochemical techniques are widely utilized in the geosciences to investigate outstanding questions in a variety of disciplines including biogeochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, paleolimnology, hydrogeology, petroleum geochemistry, archaeology, geomicrobiology, and forensic science. This session welcomes all studies using organic geochemical or compound-specific isotopic techniques. Studies focusing on method and proxy development are also welcome.

Paleoclimatology and Archaeology at JESIUM 2016 meeting

Marcel van der Meer (Royal NIOZ) and Isla Castañeda (UMass) are co-chairing the Paleoclimatology and Archaeology session of the Joint European Stable Isotope Users Meeting (JESIUM 2016) held in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium, in September 2016. The call for abstracts opens on December 1st 2015 with a deadline of February 29th 2016. For more information check out the JESIUM 2016 website ( We are looking forward to reading your abstracts and hope to see you in September in Ghent!