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Posted Direction Antenna Module March 23, 2007

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I’ve posted my directional antenna ns-2 module. I should probably put together a patch and some better explanation of the module. If anyone is interested or needs help using the module send me an e-mail and I will put somethings together.

Directional Antenna for NS-2 March 23, 2007

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I’ve written a simple directional antenna module for ns-2. The antenna is modeled as a simple symmetric Gaussian pencil beam. It estimates the beamwidth from the gain and then estimates the gain as a 2d Gaussian. In the feature I may do an asymmetric beam. I’m working with ns-2.30 patched with the wmnode patches from http://www.q2s.ntnu.no/~paquerea/ns.html. The patch is necessary to support multiple wireless interfaces. If your using directional antennas with multihop networks you will want multiple interfaces. In addition to creating a mobile/direcional-antenna.{cc,h}, I’ve had to edit a few of the ns-2 files.

Using NS-2 in OTG simulaton March 23, 2007

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I would like to use the NS-2 simulator to support my investigations of the OTG network concept. NS-2 has some limited support for 802.11 simulation. There are a number of problems with using the stock NS-2 with longer distance 802.11 with directional antennas. The stock NS-2 does not support directional antennas nor does it support multiple interfaces per node. It appears that a number of people have run into this in the past [1,2]. I’m starting on implementing a basic directional antenna as in 1 built on top of the WM-node patch which brings with it the multiple interfaces.

Less on the tcl / c split objects:

When you create a variable in the C++ object you need to give it a default value by editing


May need to look at diffusion/omni_mcast.*