Welcome to the course site for Mechanics of Building Materials (BCT 530) and Tectonics II (Arch-Des 650) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Contained within this site under Labs is the co-requisite course  Problem Solving in Building Mechanics (BCT597BM).

Mechanics of Building Materials for Construction is a hands-on course that enables students to estimate forces and stresses in building materials as a precursor for structural building design. Primarily for students of Architecture and Construction Technology, the course employs realistic building examples to introduce students to fundamental engineering analysis. The main topics are: statics and equilibrium, as applied to statically determinate systems; force and moment analysis; strength of materials, where students learn to determine stress and strain in simply supported beams; and beam design with deflection, shear and bending stress evaluation. Through a combination of classroom lecture, demonstration, practical application, homework assignments and problem solving sessions, students will gain mathematical confidence and understand the value of calculation in building design and construction.

See you in class!

Meetings: Spring Term – T/Th @ 1:00-2:15
Credits: 3
SPIRE class number (Spring 2014): 53588

Instructor:Dr. Peggi Clouston
Office: Holdsworth Hall, Room 127
Office hours: Wednesdays (1-2pm) and Thursdays (10-11am). Please email me if you would like to set up an appointment outside of these times.

Teaching Assistant: Rachel Koh
Office hours: Mondays 1:10-2pm and Fridays 11-12 in Holdsworth Room 110.
email: rkoh@umass.edu