A wee dram of data

A wee dram of data

What do you call a woman who drinks too much? … … A dram queen. OK ok, sorry, couldn’t resist, on with the tales of lab dram. This week, I slipped the traces of the computer and pulled the lab…



We take a break from maize roots and doofuses to deal with X-rays.

May 21st  Brookhaven ready or not

May 21st Brookhaven ready or not

In which for a change an assumption is confirmed.

May 14th  Benched

May 14th Benched

In which I regale the reader with accounts of the preparations needed for my next trip to the synchrotron.

Feb 12th  X-ray visions

Feb 12th X-ray visions

In which you might want to apply scattering and scatterbrained in the same breath.