Time to mind the whys and wherefores

            Last time, I regaled you with a story of cutting sections of roots embedded in paraffin. Cutting sections is the kind of obsessive handiwork that made me happy to become a scientist and still makes me happy to be one….

Et in Quarantine Ego

In which the respite of keeping cells alive is described

Nullius in verba

In which the usual account of experiments is suspended for an account of how we account experiments…

Scrub a dub-dub

An account of scrubbing the sections, and of sputtering.

Experiments return

In which good vibes and Vibratome vibes are explored.

Swabbing the decks

In which I describe the first stirrings of some new-old experiments.

A light week

A short but perhaps sweet post, with no experiments.

Blog blockage

In which the joy of polarized light microscopy is alloyed by recognizing a blue big blistering blunder

Going with the fluidics

All six washing machines are filled. Maybe I am earlier than on past Sundays or maybe the place is busier? One of the machines was done, and feeling a little sheepish handling someone else’s clothing, I placed it on top…