Conference Schedule



9:00 – 10:30 Panel I Butoh, Nation, and Cultural Adaptation

  1. jacki job (butoh in South Africa) Confirmed.
  2. Christine Greiner (Brazil) Anthropophagical Butoh: Brazilian experiences to rethink dancing bodies 
  3. Tanya Calamoneri (Texas Tech University) Rooted in Ritual: Mexican butoh diaspora Confirmed.
  4. Michio Arimitsu (Keio University,)  Katherine Dunham/Hijikata, RSVP-ed Yes.


11- 12:30 Panel II Butoh Revolution and Protest

  1. William Marotti (UCLA)– Hijikata Tatsumi and the Revolution. Confirmed.
  2. Katja Centonze (Italy, ) – Placing Protest: Paradoxes in Butoh’s Body Politics
  3. Maria Pia D’Orazi (Italy) — “Butoh training and the quantum body”




1:30 – 3:00 Panel III Butoh/Body/Politics 

  1. Katherine Mezur () on gender
  2. Julie Dind – (Brown University) “When I begin to wish I were crippled”: Exploring ideas and images of disability in  Hijikata Tatsumi‟s work. Confirmed (prefers to go on Friday so as not to miss class)
  3. Ivan Espinosa– (NYU) Bowels of the Earth: Experiencing Mycelium and Shapeshifting Fungal Networks through Hijikata Tatsumi ’s Butoh Choreographies. Confirmed.
  4. Jeff Janisheski – Nature as your Teacher


4:30 – 6:30 Workshop at Japan Society–Yuko Kaseki


6:30-8 Reception at Japan Society




9:00 – 10:00 Keynote : Bruce and Rosemary


10:30-12:00 Panel IV Butoh and Language

  1. Darinka Pilari –(Hungary)  From a black hole towards the galaxy – passing beyond the heritage of ankoku butō  
  2. Jacquelyn Marie Shannon —Beware The Word”: Ethnochoreographic Interview Theatre Exploration of Butoh Artists and The Limits of Speech,  Confirmed. 
  3. Megan Nicely – Translation and Butoh Transmission. Confirmed.


12:00- 1:30 Panel V Re-embodying Butoh: Experimentation and Adaptations 

  1. Sara Jansen (Belgium) on Trajal Harrell Confirmed
  2. Jonathan Hall on Kawaguchi Takao (Ohno dances) Confirmed..
  3. Alice Blumenfeld (Oberlin College) — A Butoh Approach to Flamenco. Confirmed




2:30 – 4:00 Panel VI RETITLE: Butoh’s (Moving) Images

  1. Jonathan Marshall,  “Post-butoh” and the Acephale” Australia. 
  2. Michael Sakamoto. “MuNK: Loving the Non-Alien: visual-corporeal expressivity in butoh photography and performance” Confirmed.
  3. Karolina Bieszczad-Roley– (Norway) ““A Man With a Camera” – Embodied Perception of a Butoh Dance Photographer” Confirmed.
  4. Lucille Druet– (France) Butoh Costumes. Confirmed.


4:30 – 6:00 Another Panel? Or absorb time above (and maybe move lunch back to earlier time)


8-10 films? Performance? Butoh cabaret?


* 4 person panels give 15 min papers


Saturday NOVEMBER 2


9-12 Body Movement–Ximena Garnica (Colombia), Leimay, CAVE

Respondent–Zach Fuller (?) 

2-5 Body Movement  SU-EN (Sweden), SU-EN Butoh Company

Respondent–Miki Seifert (?)


8-10 Performance: Yuko Kaseki (Japan living in Germany)




10-1 Body Movement–Momo Freehill