Symposium Schedule

Saturday, April 24, 2021
Department of Music & Dance

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Opening Remarks: Salvatore Macchia, Chair of the Department of Music & Dance, UMass Amherst

8:30 – 10:00 am: Paper Session 1   (2 papers plus joint Q & A)
Session Moderator: Ellen Exner
Christine BlankenSteps towards New Concepts and Against Pragmatism in Organ Music: The Late Organ Music by Johann Sebastian Bach – Models, Pathways, and what Posterity Made of it
Reuben PhillipsCompleting Bach: The Mass in B Minor and the Art of Fugue in Tovey’s Hands

10:15 am – 11:45 pm: Paper Session 2  (2 papers plus joint Q & A)
Session Moderator: Daniel R. Melamed
Erinn KnytJ.S. Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” Reimagined
Michael SpitzerCyclic Thoughts In/Between/About The Goldberg and The Diabelli

(Lunch break)

12:15 – 1:45 pm: Paper Session 3  (2 papers plus joint Q & A)
Session Moderator:  Abigail Fine
Anthony Barone — ‘Old Age’s Lambent Peaks’: On Organic and Dialectical Paradigms of Lateness
Keith ChapinThe Sublimity of Age: The Reception of Old Things and Old Men in the Age of Sublimity

Scott Burnham
Scott Burnham
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall

2:00 – 3:45 pm: Keynote Event  (2 papers plus extended Q & A)
Introduction: Barbara Krauthamer, Dean of the College of Humanities & Fine Arts
Session Moderator: Linda Hutcheon
Robert Marshall, Keynote Speaker Spätstil, que me veux-tu?
Scott Burnham, Keynote Speaker   Late Style in Exile: Beethoven and the Missa Solemnis


4:00 – 5:30 pm: Paper Session 4  (2 papers plus joint Q & A)
Session Moderator: Andrew Talle
Ernest MayAnything You Can Do, I Can Do Canonically: The Haussmann Portrait, Mizler’s Society, and Bach’s Late Styles
Richard KramerBeethoven and Lateness: A Meditation