Prelude Events

UMass String Studio Bach Concerts

Thurs., December 6, 2018 @ 7:30pm, Bezanson Hall, Free
UMass Violin students perform Sonatas & Partitas of J.S. Bach

Sun., March 31, 2019 @ 7:30pm, Bezanson Hall, Free
UMass Viola & Cello students perform solo music of J.S. Bach & Telemann


Nicola Courtright
Nicola Courtright; Photo by Maria Stenzel
Bach Festival Prelude Lecture Series
Wednesdays at 5pm in Bezanson, Free

March 20: Nicola Courtright, Professor of Art History & Chair of Architectural Studies, Amherst College
Princely and Sacred Spaces in Europe During the Era of Bach

April 10: Joseph Levine, Professor & Chair of the Philosophy Department, UMass Amherst
Enlightenment Philosophers on Mind and Reality: Major Themes


Bach in the Subways 

A Global Event around Bach’s birthday, March 21
March 21, 2019, downtown Amherst (FREE)
This year, BitS coincides with “Jamherst” – March 22-23
See the Bach in the Subways – Amherst website for more info