Jennifer Randall

Jennifer Randall is ​​the Dunn Family Professor of Psychometrics and Test Development at the University of Michigan and the founding director of the Center for Measurement Justice. Dr. Randall received her bachelor’s (1996) and master’s (1999) degrees from Duke University and her doctoral degree from Emory University (2007).  She began her career as a public-school teacher in secondary history working with historically marginalized students.  Her research examines the ways in current large and small-scale assessment practices negatively impact historically marginalized populations in the U.S. and abroad. Specifically, her work reveals the white supremacist, racist roots of measurement and seeks to disrupt this historical narrative through culturally sustaining assessment practices that are explicitly and unapologetically antiracist. She is committed to working with minoritized communities and our co-conspirators to explore the ways in which we can create a justice-oriented assessment system culture in which the sociocultural identities of students are deliberately considered and valued – not as an afterthought, but rather – in the planning and development phases of assessment.