I’m a phonologist, and a sixth-year linguistics PhD student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

My research focuses on computational and theoretical phonology. In particular, I am interested in using computational models and learnability to infer properties of grammars. My dissertation focuses on disentangling the roles of the lexicon and syllable weight in stress systems such as Dutch, German, or English.

In phonological theory, I am primarily interested in representations. Specifically, I am interested in bottom-up (language-specific) evidence for representational categories. For instance, I have worked on a model which asks the question of whether the grammar should only refer to phonological features, or whether a notion of unanalyzed phonemes/segments would also be useful.

The phonology of Dutch has my special interest. For example, I have argued that there is evidence for a prosodic category between the foot and the syllable coming from facts of Dutch vowel reduction and morphotactics.

Please feel free to take a look at my Papers page to find downloadable papers and handouts. My CV can be found here. Finally, click here for some information about me.


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