Past and scheduled future meetings

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Phonology 2013 was held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Phonology 2014 was held at MIT.

AMP 2015 was held in Vancouver, co-hosted by the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

AMP 2016 was held at the University of Southern California.

AMP 2017 was held at NYU.

AMP 2018 was held at UC San Diego.

AMP 2019 was held at Stony Brook University Oct. 11-13.

AMP 2020 was held at the University of California Santa Cruz Sept. 18-20th.

AMP 2021 was held at the University of Toronto and York University, October 1-3, 2021.

AMP 2022 was held at the University of California Los Angeles.

AMP 2023 will be held at Johns Hopkins.

Hosts for future meetings will be selected two years in advance at the business meeting held at each conference.

Further information
Information about acceptance rates, and some other details, can be found in the Editor’s notes for each volume of the Proceedings. We compiled some further data for the conferences up to 2018/2020 to help planning.

1. How many attendees?

2013 – UMass – ?
2014 – MIT – 115 (40 faculty, 75 students)
2015 – UBC/SFU – 157 (51 non-students, 36 non-local students, 70 local students)
2016 – USC – ?
2017 – NYU – 160 (110 students, 50 non-students)
2018 – UCSD – 160 (100 students, 60 non-students)

2. How many registration payers?

2013 – UMass – 125
2014 – MIT – 81 (31 faculty, 50 students)
2015 – UBC/SFU – 81 (45 non-students, 36 students; 65 of these early-reg)
2016 – USC – 125-130 (30 early-reg faculty, 60 early-reg students)
2017 – NYU – 40
2018 – UCSD – 50

3. Cost of registration?

2013 – UMass – $90 for faculty, $60 for students
2014 – MIT – $90 for faculty, $60 for students
2015 – UBC – CAD $140/$150 for faculty, $80/$90 for students
2016 – USC – $120/$130 for faculty, $70/$80 for students
2017 – NYU – $120, free for students
2018 – UCSD – Registration: $120, free for students

Invited speakers

2013 UMass
John McCarthy (UMass)
Sharon Peperkamp (LSCP)
Kevin Ryan (Harvard)

2014 MIT
Naomi Feldman (UMD)
Gillian Gallagher (NYU)
René Kager (Utrecht)

2015 Vancouver (SFU/UBC)
Ryan Bennett (Yale)
Ellen Kaisse (UW)
Kie Zuraw (UCLA)

2016 USC
Bruce Hayes (UCLA)
Sharon Inkelas (Berkeley)
Colin Wilson (JHU)

2017 NYU
Sharon Rose (UCSD)
Elizabeth Zsiga (Georgetown)
Adam Buchwald (NYU)

2018 UCSD
Laura McPherson (Dartmouth College)
Bert Remijsen (University of Edinburgh)
Junko Ito and Armin Mester (UC Santa Cruz)

2019 Stony Brook University
Jane Chandlee (Haverford College)
Lauren Clemens (University at Albany)
Taylor Miller (SUNY Oswego)
Stephanie Shih (University of Southern California)

2020 UCSC
Karthik Durvasula (Michigan State University)
Juliet Stanton (New York University)
Anne-Michelle Tessier (University of British Columbia)

Tutorial leaders
UMass 2013
Brian Dillon (UMass)
Naomi Feldman (UMD)
John Kingston (UMass)
Joe Pater and Presley Pizzo (UMass)
Lisa Sanders (UMass)
Brian Smith (UMass)
Robert Staubs (UMass)

MIT 2014
Michael Becker (Stony Brook)
Erin Olson (MIT)
Colin Wilson (JHU)

Vancouver 2015
Kathleen Currie-Hall (UBC)
Murray Schellenberg (UBC)
Suzanne Urbanczyk (UVic)

USC 2016
Robert Daland (UCLA)
Samantha Gordon Danner (USC)
Megha Sundara (UCLA)

NYU 2017
Michael Becker (Stony Brook University)
Doug Whalen (The Graduate Center, CUNY) & Tara McAllister (New York University)
Jianjing Kuang (University of Pennsylvania)

UCSD 2018
Gabriela Caballero (UC San Diego) and Lucien Carroll (Cisco)
Marc Garellek (UC San Diego)
Bert Remijsen (University of Edinburgh)
Jennifer Bellik and Nick Kalivoda (UC Santa Cruz)
Peter Jurgec and George Steel (University of Toronto)

UCSC 2020
Arto Anttila (Stanford University)
Anja Arnhold (University of Alberta)
Jon Barnes (Boston University)
Emily Elfner (York University)
Naomi Shapiro (University of Washington)