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Fall 2022 Semester Recap

December 23, 2022

Take a look back at all the awesome events we hosted this semester! If you weren’t able to attend, be on the lookout for all the exciting events for the spring semester. [Read more]

Fall 2022 Weekly Emails

December 23, 2022

Here are our weekly emails for the semester… check them out! This semester we’re featuring sections on sustainable construction, construction as art, and weekly construction fun. [Read more]

Pumpkin Chunkin ’22

December 1, 2022

While planning AGC’s semester events, an idea emerged ― let’s build a catapult and launch pumpkins! We decided that we are the construction club, after all, so why not?? So, with…[Read more]

My Internship in the Construction Industry
by Tom Toscano
November 1, 2022
This past summer I had the privilege of working as an intern in the construction industry… [Read more]

Spring 2022 Semester Recap
June 1, 2022
Check out some highlights from the semester… [Read more]

Spring 2022 Weekly Emails

June 1, 2022
Read our weekly newsletters from the semester, containing weekly jokes, construction news, and acronyms of the week… [Read more]

The 2022 AGC Annual Convention
by Kitty, Nate, Sam, Kevin
May 1, 2022
After receiving the national Resilient Student Chapter Award, we (UMass AGC) were invited to the 2022 Annual AGC Convention in Grapevine, Texas to… [Read more]

Implementing Zero-Waste Strategies in Construction Planning and Execution
by Eric Lee
April 1, 2022
The idea of zero waste has been a common theme when discussing sustainability and one’s contribution to the environment…
Read more]

Sustainable Building Materials
by Nate Wright
March 1, 2022
Hey everyone. I wrote this post over a year ago over winter break when I become very interested in sustainable building practices and green… [Read more]

The Trials and Tribulations of Road Upkeep
by Sam Esquivel
February 1, 2022
Here in Massachusetts and in most northern winter-experiencing states, roads have shorter service lives than their southern counterparts…
[Read more]

UMass AGC Wins AGC Outstanding Student Chapter Award!
January 10, 2022
We are proud to announce that UMass AGC, for the 2020-2021 academic year, has been awarded the AGC Outstanding Student Chapter Award by …
[Read more]

Fall 2021 Semester Recap
December 17, 2021
Check out some highlights from the semester… [Read more]

Fall 2021 Weekly Emails
December 17, 2021
Read our weekly newsletters from the semester, containing weekly jokes, construction news, and acronyms of the week… [Read more]

Grappling With AGC’s National Reputation and Setting UMass AGC Apart
by Kitty Lovell
December 1, 2021
“I was surprised to hear that an AGC group was hosting a diversity event, because AGC isn’t typically seen as an antiracist organization.” – Ken Canty at the…
[Read more]

Modular Construction and the Triple Bottom Line
by Kevin Brooks, LEED AP BD+C
October 28, 2021
Modular construction is a new trend in construction where large portions of a building are fabricated off site in a…
[Read more]

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