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We are a diverse community of students interested in construction, civil engineering, project management, and sustainability. We provide a wide range of events that are focused on learning and professional development. Join us as we explore the construction and engineering industries, advance our knowledge and skill sets, and meet other students and professionals with similar interests!

What We Are Up to:

Pumpkin’ Chunkin:

AGC members gathered at the makerspace this past Saturday and got a lot of progress done on our trebuchet! The main frame has been build, the sling and counterweight system work will be completed later this week. Here’s some pictures to keep you updated:

Trebuchet Under Construction with a very productive and enthusiastic team of builders!

This is where the axel will go, watch your eyes Noah!

Victims #1 and #2

Lots of designing was needed along the way: remember to measure twice and cut once!

Always have the correct PPE when handling dangerous tools!

Bridge Project:

Before Restoration
Frame ready to be painted
Lovely red paint for the bridge!


  1. Primer has been added to the base, come help paint it Friday November 4 from 9-12am! There’s so much to paint and we need your help!
  2. We have ordered Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bridge decking and will need help installing later this fall once delivered.


December 5, 2022 Amherst College Site Tour: The Aliki Perroti &Seth Frank Lyceum
Details: click here

November 28, 2022
AGC E-Board Elections and Final Chapter Meeting: Join us for new officer elections and a fun wrap up to the year!