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This is the home of the UMass AGC student chapter and everything related to it — semester events, resources, blog posts, and more.

We are a diverse community of students interested in construction, civil engineering, project management, and sustainability. We provide a wide range of events that are focused on learning and professional development. Join us as we explore the construction and engineering industries, advance our knowledge and skill sets, and meet other students and professionals with similar interests!

What We Are Up to:

Fall Semester Wrap Up:

Thanks to everyone who attended our events and contributed to our community this past semester. On behalf of our E-Board, we wish everyone a festive and restful winter break! Stay warm and be on the lookout for our exciting events and first chapter meeting of 2023!

Here is a recap of all our events this semester

And here is a compilation of all our weekly emails

Guest Speaker Courtney Kelly:

We got a chance to hear about Courtney’s experience in the construction industry. Here is a link to her website, she has recently authored a book called Celeste Saves the City, inspiring kids to about being a civil engineer! We enjoyed the talk with hot cocoa and sweets! Here’s some pictures from the event:

Pumpkin’ Chunkin:

AGC members gathered at the UMass makerspace and got to work building a trebuchet. We successfully launched a bunch of pumpkins on Halloween. A blog post with more pictures has been uploaded.


Bridge Project:

Before Restoration
Current Stage

Updates: We have ordered Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bridge decking and will need help installing once delivered.


December 1, 2022
Blog Post for Pumpkin Chunkin 22′ is up! Learn about how our process and get excited for next year’s chunkin’. You can check it out here!

November 28, 2022
AGC E-Board Elections were held. We are still looking for someone to fill the outreach position, please email us if interested. Here are the officers for 2023-2024:
President: Varuna Desai
Vice President: Tom Toscano
Secretary: Max Harkness
Treasurer: Brianna Saunders-Correa
CEE Representative: Sean McDonough
BCT Representative: Oliver Pullin