TABE 11/12

On this page, you may download documents related to the TABE 11/12 Administration and Scoring Training (online). The training was developed by the Center for Educational Assessments (CEA) at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst for Adult Education programs funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Please click on the links below to download each file.

Training documents:

Sample Locator Test Directions

Word List PDF with annotations

Training modules:

Note: The training modules are available for reference only. To complete the training, you must access the online training platform through the link above. All modules below are up-to-date.

Module 1 – Overview of the TABE system (June 2019)

Module 2 – What to do before administering the TABE 11/12 (June 2019)

Module 3 – Administering the Paper-Based Locator Test for First-Time Test Takers (December 2019)

Module 4 – Administering the Paper-Based TABE 11/12 Subtests (June 2019)

Module 5 – Scoring Paper-Based TABE 11/12 Subtests (June 2019)

Module 6 – Administering the TABE 11/12 Online (June 2019)

Module 7 – Remote Administration of TABE 11/12 (September 2020)

Module 8 – Physically Distant In-Person Administration of TABE 11/12 (September 2020)

TABE 11/12 Online resources from DRC:

DRC Insight Portal User Guide (PDF)

TABE Online Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Short video demos of the most common TABE Portal functionalities (interactive website)

Online Tools Training (interactive website to help staff and examinees become familiar with TABE 11/12 Online features; includes multiple practice tests)

TABE 11/12 webinars from DRC:

The following is a selection of webinars from the TABE Webinar Series prepared by DRC, the publisher of the TABE 11/12 assessment:

TABE 11/12 Review

TABE 11/12 Best Practices

TABE 11/12 Online

Enhanced, Affordable Scanning Option for TABE 11/12 

Curriculum and Instruction for TABE 11/12