Google Google Apps

Thankful For Google

I created my first Gmail account right before I started high school. I figured that my email, with my cheesy instant messaging screen name attached, would be unsuitable to send emails from in the future. It never crossed my mind that this one account would later link all facets of my life together in a neat, user-friendly package. With this one account, I am able to sync my email, calendar, documents, photos, notes, alarms, mobile apps, and music across my phone, tablet, and PC.

Android Apps

K-9 Mail for Android

Most smartphones come with an email app pre-installed. These stock apps provide a great way to check your email on the go. However, if you are having trouble configuring your mobile device, there are other email apps out there that offer additional features and customization options; that just work.

K-9 Mail for Android is an open-source email client that supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007. Follow the instructions on the OIT Website to setup your Google Mail account for a mobile client.