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Introduction to Adobe Illustrator: The Basics

Adobe Illustrator contains a wide variety of tools and features, and has somewhat of a steep learning curve. The best way to learn Illustrator is to start at the very beginning.

Start a new workspace by going to File > New

Here, you will choose the size of your document, the number of art boards, and other options such as color mode; all of which can be revised later. Common screen sizes for mobile devices can easily be found through a quick search, as well as dimensions and guidelines for Facebook cover photos.

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Mobile Malware

Modern smartphones are becoming more and more like portable computers, which has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is obvious; having the functionality of a computer at your fingertips. The disadvantage is less obvious; there are some security compromises involved.

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Tips and Tricks for iOS7

The new iOS software brings a lot of new features to the table. Users can navigate more quickly and easily, and there is an added smoothness and cleanness to the user interface. Here’s some quick tips that will make your iOS experience even more fluid and enjoyable.