Savings Bull, the malware that keeps trying to save you money, but just goes a little too far!

Pop-ups, advertisements, new home screens,  and more come  for free when you obtain a browser targeted virus.  If you are experiencing any of these, or any other issues that are browser related, this article is for you!  There are multiple viruses that will make changes to your browser’s settings for advertising purposes so that every time you want to surf the web, you have to surf through numerous popups and ads.  These are a little different from your normal computer maleware or adware because after infecting your computer, they make permanent changes to your browser, that need to be manually changed back.  They can find their way in and make their home in your browser’s Add-ons or Plugins/Extensions.  This means that when you run your normal virus scans, they might be overlooked.  To remove these, you must do it manually.  An example of this type of virus is Savings Bull…