Adobe Software

An Introduction to Photoshop: Selection Tools

Adobe Photoshop is software than can be greatly utilized by everyone and anyone! Whether you want to create an image, edit a photo, or add special effects to an image, Photoshop is the program for you!

Microsoft Software

Creating a Budget in Excel

Creating a budget is a great way to efficiently manage your money. Excel and other spreadsheet software can be useful tools when it comes to budgeting. To start, gather any paperwork or information that you may have regarding monthly income and expenses.

Library Mac OSX Software

Discovering the Digitial Media Lab

When the Fall 2013 semester begins, students will be surprised to find the new gem that is located on the third floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. iMac workstationsThe newly constructed Digital Media Lab has landed a home in the library in hopes of being a destination where students can spend countless hours working on and obtaining knowledge pertaining to 21st century technology.As a way to keep UMass students up to speed with the ever changing technological world, the Digital Media Lab will be offering workshops, training, and opportunities for students to use top of the line equipment and software. From cameras to video cameras, MacBooks, GarageBand and more, the Digital Media Lab will provide the resources that students need.