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The UMass Amherst library is the tallest academic library in the world.  With twenty-six floors, the library has a wide variety of academic and recreational books, as well as online resources available to students, faculty, and staff.  One of these online resources is eBooks.  A wide variety of classic texts and articles are now available as eBooks that community members can access easily on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Continue reading

Microsoft Office 2013

            For those of you upgrading from Microsoft Office 2007, you likely won’t find many major changes in Microsoft Office 2013.  If you are upgrading from a version of Microsoft Office prior to 2007, the concept of the ribbon, essentially a more visual-oriented version of your drop-down menus, and other cosmetic changes, may catch you off guard.  Rest assured, most of your favorite and essential functions are still there, alongside some new functionality tools to easily enhance your productivity.  Microsoft Office 2013 continues to provide users with maximum functionality while being more visual-based in the approach.  It is much easier to preview what things will look like before you commit to changes, and customize your files to be exactly what you want.  We’ll touch on some of the common changes among all of the Microsoft Office products, then do a program-specific breakdown for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Continue reading


What is OneDrive?

Microsoft’s OneDrive provides one place where users can keep and share photos, videos, notes, documents, and surveys and be able to access them on any machine by just logging in.  If you’re using the most recent Office 2013 suite, or have a Windows 8 device, you have likely seen the OneDrive icon/save option, as it is built into most of Microsoft’s latest applications, for the convenience of the user. You need a Microsoft account to get started, but if you are already using Windows 8 or Office, you should have one set up.
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